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The Causes and Cure for Panic Disorders

Panic disorders are handful. They not only harm the person, but people around him or her if it is left untreated over time. Since it is a serious mental illness, it can exacerbate it to a point where treating it by you will prove fruitless. One does not simply fight anxiety and panic disorders without knowing your adversary.

If you want to know the stats, nearly ¼ of the population suffer from panic attacks or some other form of serious anxiety disorder. It affects 2.4 million adults in the United States; these cases usually occur during 17 to ages 27 but it has been known to affect all ages.

Known Causes of Panic Attacks

  • Family. There are a fair chunk of panic or anxiety attacks caused right in the home. Some cases might suggest that these anxieties are brought about through genetics, but some experts might argue that this is not the case. Such disorders are nurtured rather than passed on. Constant fights between parents or child abuse are also factors that lead up to anxiety attacks in an individual as he or she grows up.
  • Prior History of Mental Illness. Genetic disorders can otherwise be attributed to manifestations of panic attacks. Schizoid suffers or people with abnormalities in the brain have anxieties disorders as symptoms.
  • Stress. Overworking and heavy amounts of mental burnout can definitely put a person into bouts of panic attacks due to little rest and more hours awake and working.


There are many ways to treat anxiety-based attacks. Patients who are diagnosed with such or are susceptible to the symptoms should benefit with treatment as soon as possible, the more treatment is avoided, and the more time it will take to recover in it. All stages can be cured provided that a detailed history is given.

Change of lifestyle. Anxiety factors may be found in how that individual is running his or her life. if he or she is liable for drinking binges or chain-smoking, it might be the manifestation of excessive vices that are the result of his or her panic attacks. Living healthier and in more positive environments might definitely help in the recovery process.

Psychotherapy.  These help foster and attempt to reduce the symptoms and ultimately cure the patient. This process is a good idea since it not only gives medication to mediate the effects of the disorders, but it also allows the patient to build a bond with other patients who are suffering. People who have phobias have a chance to improve themselves during therapy.

Medications. Medicines are not exactly a good idea since one builds a dependency to them rather than helping them in the process of improving and beating these disorders. It can help surpress certain symptoms but it sometimes give a backlash when it comes to side effects. Depressants and mood enhancing pills can sometimes be a great way to control the attacks and keep you working but it’s not a step to recovery.

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